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Meditative Sound Journey

What is a Sound Journey?


A meditative sound journey is a transformative experience that takes participants on a deep inward exploration through the power of sound. It is designed to induce a state of relaxation, mindfulness, and heightened awareness, allowing folx to access deeper levels of consciousness and inner peace.


Folx lie down or sit in a comfortable position, ready to receive the soothing sounds that will guide them on their inner voyage. The journey typically takes place in the serene and comfortable environment of The Sound Space at The Preserve in Alpine, CA. This beautiful space is situated on a private nature preserve just outside of San Diego. 


How does it work?


The journey begins as I curate a calm and safe atmosphere, setting intentions for the session and inviting folx to relax and let go of any tension or stress. I am guided by Source and employ various instruments and tools to produce a wide range of sounds, including singing bowls, monochords, gongs, chimes, drums, rattles, flutes, and didgeridoo.


As the sound journey unfolds, a tapestry of harmonious tones, rhythms, and vibrations emerges. The sounds create a fluid and immersive experience, taking Folx on a multidimensional sonic voyage. There may be repetitive patterns, layering of sounds, and varying intensities to induce a sense of movement and progression throughout the session. The truth is, I have no idea what will unfold as the journey is divinely guided and I am simply the conduit.


Do I need to be an expert meditator to experience this journey?


Not at all! Folx are encouraged to focus their attention on the sounds, allowing them to penetrate deeply into their being. The vibrations and frequencies generated by the instruments resonate with the body, mind, and spirit, helping to release energetic blockages and promote a sense of balance and alignment.


What will I feel during my session?


Good question! The answer is, I have no idea!!


As the session progresses, folx may experience a range of sensations, emotions, and imagery. Some may feel a profound sense of relaxation and serenity, while others may experience an emotional release or gain insights into their inner world. The sound journey provides a safe space for you to explore your thoughts, feelings, and subconscious patterns without judgment or attachment.


Towards the end of the journey, the sounds gradually fade away, gently bringing participants back to a state of wakefulness. There is always a period of silence for reflection and integration, allowing Folx to savor the stillness and insights gained during the journey.


After the session, we take our time to fully return to the present moment and ground ourselves. Many people report feeling rejuvenated, centered, and more connected to their inner selves after a meditative sound journey.


Overall, a meditative sound journey is a powerful and transformative experience that combines the therapeutic qualities of sound with the practice of mindfulness and meditation. It offers a profound opportunity for self-discovery, relaxation, and inner healing, leaving participants with a renewed sense of well-being and a deeper connection to themselves and the world around them.

Sound Journey Offerings

From 1:1 journeys to group journeys to offerings at retreats, let's explore what you are being called to experience

1:1 sound journey at The Sound Space in Alpine Ca hosted by sogu music

1:1 Sound Journey

Are you ready to dive deep into the worlds beyond your everyday perception? Your individual sound journey at The Sound Space in Alpine will take you there, offering you an opportunity to discover, release, absorb and integrate all that lies within and outisde our egoic selves.

An image of a group sound journey in the Sound Space in Alpine CA hosted by sogu music

Group Sound Journey

Interested in journeying with friends or family? The group experience can be one of the most powerful journeys as you share the energy we curate together. The Sound Space in Alpine can host up to 8 bodies. If you have a space in mind, we can certainly take the show on the road! 

A group of people meditating at reUnify Yoga in Ocean Beach while Sogu music plays didgeridoo

Retreats | Events

Offer your retreat or event participants a unique experience. The sounds will take them on journeys of different lengths and depths, helping to create an atmosphere of relaxation and healing. Sound support for wellness classes can provide the perfect soundtrack for your participants to explore and relax.

Other Sound Offerings

In addition to longer sound journeys, there are shorter intentional journeys that may be calling to you. Many of the offerings listed below can take place in your own space, your office or anywhere else you might want to experience the depths of the cosmos (maybe a beach? or a forest?).

From Chakra Journeys to Space Clearing, all you need to do is reach out to take the first step towards unlocking all that lies within.

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