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My Journey

At Sogu Music Meditation and Instruments, I use sound and vibrations to help people achieve a more peaceful and balanced state of mind. I have been a lifelong musician, woodworker, composer, spiritual adventurist, psychonaut, plant lover, nature lover, and animal lover. My life journey has led me to this practice, which I strongly believe is my dharma. I am here to share my love through sound healing.

A male bodied person playing a monochord while people meditate on yoga mats

Our Journey

As a Sound Journey Guide, I approach each session with the intention of connecting to source energy, allowing the frequencies and vibrations to flow through me as a conduit. I believe that ultimately you are the healer, and the healing process is unique for each individual. I work to facilitate the integration of the healing process, recognizing that healing can take many forms. Above all, I honor the fact that we are all love and that each of us is worthy and deserving of being held with care and compassion.

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