Topia Quick-Start Guide

Navigating Topia is easy! Here are a few tricks to help you explore the space.

The Basics

Being in Topia is just like being anywhere else in the world. Use this guide as you explore!

First, notice that you are represented virtually by your NB "Topi."          You move Topi by pointing your feet           and clicking!


Some objects contain links. When they do, your           will turn into a pointing hand, like this one

Next, take a look at the left side of your screen. See those icons? Well, they are everything you need while you're here in Topia. Let's take a look:


First, we have your Video and Audio Settings. You can also share your screen from here (more on that later).

Next, you can view all the Events and Worlds.

Then, you can share your current Topia with just about anyone.

Finally, you can read all the secret messages being sent to you from other Topians.


So, here we are in the Video and Audio Settings. One of the nicest features of Topia is that we are always "present." In other words, unlike other conferencing platforms, you cannot turn your camera off. 

But, you can Share Your Screen. This fills your camera window with your desktop view. This comes in handy if and when you are giving a presentation in Topia.

As you can see from the screengrab, you can control all your devices from this tab.

Next in line is the Events and Worlds. 

This will show you everything going on in your current world or other Topias which may be hosting events. You can access this from the Globe icon on the left-hand side of the page.

One of the greatest features is the Go To button. When there is an event, simply click on Go To and your Topi will walk itself to the offering! How's that for service?!


So, how do we send Messages in Topia?

Simple! Everyone's camera image features a little envelope. Simply click on the envelope to send a message to that person. 

When someone sends you a message, you will notice the envelope on the left-hand side of the screen will glow red. Rejoice, you've got mail!


Inter-Topia Travel!!


That's right, you can travel to other worlds (Topias) through portals. Your          will turn into a        .

Click on Travel and you're off to a new world!!


Common Keyboard Shortcuts

While you can use either your mouse          or the arrow keys                    to walk around in Topia, there are a couple of quick commands you might find useful, especially if you get lost.

These quickies will help you get a bird's-eye view of the Topia you inhabit. Bonus, they work on any website!

If you use a PC:










If you use a MAC:











Topia/Gathering Ettiquette

  1. You’ll need to join from a tablet, desktop, or laptop on a Google Chrome Browser.

  2. Before “joining” please sign in to the platform to optimize your user experience.

  3. Use headphones/earbuds when possible.

  4. Please mute yourself during a workshop by clicking the microphone in your video box.

  5. To ask questions of the facilitator during a workshop, please send them a direct message by clicking on the blue envelope in their video box. (Your envelope in a circle on the left will turn red when you’ve got mail.

  6. If you are wandering in the event space and there is a broadcaster speaking, but you are not part of the workshop you can mute that broadcaster on your end by clicking their microphone in their video box.

  7. Click on the hexagons to explore shops, providers, and book one on one sessions.

  8. Be patient.

  9. When in doubt, refresh!


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