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Add Your Event to Wholistic Hive Google Calendar


What are the Benefits of being a Provider?


What is best for me to provide?

“Raise your vibration” theme - tie into that, all around the world

Anything focused on raising your vibration

Individual workshops

One-on-One offerings

Whatever you are qualified to provide, we suggest you do that.

Any event or offering which brings messages from the magical to the real

Can I use music during my offering?

Yes. There are a couple of ways to integrate music into your offering within Topia.


The first method is the easiest. You can use a second device, such as a mobile or music player coupled with an external speaker (like the Bose Sound Colorlink). Keeping the speaker close to your webcam will broadcast the music into Topia. We have used this method for events, including dances!


The second method utilizes Topia’s media embedding function. If you have a playlist or plan to broadcast from your Twitch account, the stream can be linked directly to an object in Topia. Participants must be in close proximity to the object in order to activate and listen to music.


The third method is better suited for pre-recorded offerings. Similar to the method using Twitch, your YouTube upload (audio only) can be linked to an object. Again, the need for participants to be close to the object comes into play again.


The fourth method offers the most control but also requires the greatest amount of technical know-how. To stream any software (sound) into Topia, you can use third-party software like Loopback (MacOS) or LoopBeAudio (Win). These virtual soundboards allow you to rout any input from your computer into Topia. The Wholistic Hive does not offer support for third-party software.


How do I see the whole map?

To get a “bird’s eye” view of Topia, hold <CTRL> while pressing “-” to zoom out. You can find a quickstart guide here:

I just lost _______, how do I get it back?

A basic rule of Topia is: when you lose something, refresh your browser. If that doesn’t fix it, restart your browser. And if that doesn’t work, restart your computer.

Why am I glitching?

Topia is a brand new platform, developed shortly after the onset of the pandemic, so there are always little bugs here and there.

If you are a presenter, try this: walk away from the group you are presenting to, then come back.

If you are a participant and start to glitch, simply refresh your browser. See the answer to Question 4 for more advice.


Will the Wholistic Hive Topia be accessible after SSGG?

Yes! Our Topia will be available 24/7

Participate in other workshops 

We want you to Raise YOUR Vibration! There are so many offerings during the Gathering, you’ll surely want to be a part of as many as possible.

One-on-One Sessions

Please stand by your hexagon any time during free times or during our vendor times. Make sure we have your links/offerings so you can make money during the Gathering.

If your offering is over 1-hour long, please let us know

Please provide exactly what your offering and what it means to attendees.

If I am a vendor, is it alright if I am only available one day? 

YES! We want people to book with you directly using Acuity, or send us your link to “Book Now.” We encourage Providers to create a free Acuity account for booking/billing. Eventually, Wholistic Hive will create a system to provide master booking for all Providers.


What are some of the offerings already scheduled? As a Vendor/Provider, I want to be sure I provide a unique offering.

When you complete your provider questionnaire, we will let you know if there is overlap with another provider/vendor.


What do you need from me as a Provider/Vendor?

  • The basics: Headshot, Bio, Link, Brand Photo/Logo (*.png format) 

  • Two-to-three sentences describing you. Your offering and how your client’s benefit. 

  • 10, 20, 30-second to 1-minute video promo. We may use this on social platforms or in the Hive, so keep it concise and engaging!

  • What if I don’t have a website? Let us know and we can create a simple landing page for your service. We are going to link your schedule on our Wholistic Hive site

  • A link for your free Wholistic Hive event during 2021. Look at what you already have, don’t stress it!

Do I need a prep list for my workshop?

If you are planning on using anything that requires procuring specific materials, then yes!


A simple document (*.pdf) explaining what participants need for your workshop should be sent to

Can I have two offerings? 

Yes, please send two links, two logos.

Is there a set price for one-on-one offerings? 

We suggest $55 for 33-minutes. This gives them a short taster, then you can funnel them into a later offering.

What element do you want your workshop to be in? 

North/Earth; East/Wind; West/Water; South/Fire

Do you need a closed container? (limit 10 people) 

The Wholistic Hive maintains two smaller spaces (limit 10 people), both of which can be locked if a closed container is required. There are also two adjacent Topias which hold more people. If you need one of the larger spaces, please reach out to us as soon as possible.

What email should I send my materials to?

If you want to use Wholistic Hive before Jan 15, please let us know.


Let us build our support system together. Ask us how to add events to the Wholistic Hive calendar. We will create a Facebook event for you and promote your event across all of our platforms.




My offering requires a closed container. Can that be done in Topia?

Yes, Topia is equipped to provide protected, closed containers. This can be enabled for specific events within Wholistic Hive or in one of the minor Topias (Healing, Being). 

There are two main types of security:

The first is simple passphrase authentication. This requires participants to provide the predetermined passphrase to access the offering.

The second is by using an email “whitelist.” This is a list of email addresses provided participants, which acts as a virtual “guest list,” preventing anyone who did not respond or register from entering the event.

Can I share my screen in Topia? And What happens if it starts to “glitch” while I am sharing?

Yes, you can share your screen, which is especially important for presenters. The screen sharing button is located in your settings (the gear icon on the left side of the screen). 

If your screen starts to glitch, simply refresh your browser. Topia is a new platform, less than a year old, so there are little kinks to work out here and there. Rest assured, the Wholistic Hive team is in direct contact with the developers, so many problems are resolved quickly.

Can I join Topia from my mobile?

Mobile devices are not currently supported by Topia.

What browsers are currently supported? 

You can access Topia from the following browsers: Google Chrome (preferred), Microsoft Edge, Chromium (WIN/MacOS/Linux)

Can other worlds (Topias) be linked in the Directory?

All Topias are listed in the “Nearby Worlds'' tab in the “Events and Worlds” feature. To learn how to access this feature, begin here:

How many people can be seen when near the broadcaster?

Topia works on the premise of proximity. Just like when you are at a large gathering, like a concert, you can only see and speak to the closest 9-people around you before the “trees become lost in the forest.” So, at any given time, the ten closest “Topis” near you are who you will see and hear. 

The exception is when a person is a designated “Broadcaster.” When this feature is activated, up to 40 people in the space will be able to hear the broadcaster.

Providers will meet with the SSGG Admin assigned to your event prior to the start of their offering to enable this feature. 

Can we tag a group of Topis and travel together?

Not yet. We’ve discussed this feature with the Topia developers and they are working on it.

Where can I find more help?

You can start with the Topia Quick Start Guide:


You can watch a few of our tours:

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