Let us connect through sound

Sound healing connects our physical body with the vibrations flowing throughout the Universe.
Let's collaborate on the ways we can integrate healing and restorative sounds into your life.

Spa Salts and Stones

Group Events

Unite Your Tribe

No matter what your group activity is focused on delivering, adding the power of a sound journey is a great way to energize your people. Let's talk about how a sound session might fit into your group plans.


Wellness Retreats

Add Vibrations to Your Retreat

Sound healing and sound journeys are a great addition to wellness retreats, meditation retreats or any holistic gathering. Let's explore how sound can become part of your next retreat.

Wellness Herbal Stamp

Sponsored Events

Tailored to Your Needs

Have an event that needs something extra? How about offering sound journeys or sound healing sessions as a breakout activity. Let's find a way to work sound into your next event


Private Sessions

Your Personal Expansion

Sound can be utilized in so many ways for healing. Beyond simple relaxation, we can use frequencies to shift your genetic code, use vibration to chase away your fears. Reach out to get started today.


Wellness Class Support

Offer Your Clients More

Are you a yoga teacher who wants to expand the depth of your classes? Have you thought about sound? We can work together to add just the right amount of sound work to your next class.


Plant Medicine Ceremony

Allow the Sound to Cradle You

Exploring the subconscious through ancient plant medicines is greatly enhanced with live sound. Whether a solo journey or within a group setting, we can talk about the ways sound can be part of your ceremony.

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