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"Music can be used to evoke gratitude, love, and compassion - healing states of BEing. By making use of sound and music to heal ourselves, we BEcome masters of our own reality."


My Story

A Life of Sound

Sögu Music is the story of an exploration into a life of sound. Since I was a child, I've created sounds in one form or another.
Acting as a conduit for the Frequencies of Creation. These meditations open our subconscious mind to the Cosmos, allowing us to heal our wounds from the inside.

As this journey unfolds, revealing the sound which flows through me, I continue to be humbled, inspired, energized, and healed.


Upcoming Events

  • Attunement Sound Journey
    Tue, Jun 29
    Jun 29, 7:33 PM
    Open the portal within

Live Streams

Mixlr keeps us connected

Find a relaxing, quiet space, make yourself comfortable, put on your headphones, and allow the live stream of a Sound Journey transport you into the Cosmos, basking in the Frequencies of Creation.


Pink Moon Sound Journey

Let us flow on the stream of life under the budding watch of the pink moon. We journey to these holotropic states on the Frequencies of Creation, delivered directly to us through sacred instruments and vibrations.

Settle into your space, put on your favorite pair of headphones, and open your mind for a journey of psychedelic proportions.

reUnify Yoga 2nd Anniversary

There is so much magic to be shared! Feeling honored to be able to co-create with the amazing Nikki Rae Bose, founder of reUnify Yoga. Watch and listen to this amazing piece created by the magical Eric Franks of Burning Love Media, featuring the live sounds of yours truly.


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