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Sögu Music

Let The Sound Guide You

"Music can be used to evoke gratitude, love, and compassion - healing states of BEing. By making use of sound and music to heal ourselves, we BEcome masters of our own reality."

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My Story

A Life of Sound

Greetings! My name is Buddy, sometimes known as Sögu. I am a sound artist and healer, delivering sacred sounds to the planet in my role as a conduit to the Frequencies of Creation.


My journey through this life is one of sound. Sound is all around us, binding us together as individual objects and as a cosmic society. 


The word, “sögu” is Icelandic for “saga” or “story.” Choosing to share this story of sound with all the BEings of this planet is an honor and a gift.


Here you can find virtual group events, live events, and the many offerings available to you to begin or continue your story of sound.

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Live Streams

Mixlr keeps us connected

Find a relaxing, quiet space, make yourself comfortable, put on your headphones, and allow the live stream of a Sound Journey transport you into the Cosmos, basking in the Frequencies of Creation.

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