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Buddy (Sögu)

Sound Journey Guide, Instrument Crafter & Ceremonial Space Holder

At Sögu Music Meditation and Instruments, we strive to create a safe and sacred space for self-discovery. As a musician, sound healer and multi-instrumentalist, I use sacred instruments to guide people on a journey to personal growth. I offer guided sound meditations, instrument crafting, and ceremony to help people reach their highest spiritual and consciousness levels. Join the Sögu family to experience the power of sound.

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Buddy facilitates the collapse of space and time through an incredible ensemble of instruments, many of them handmade. Emotional release, deep healing, and an opportunity to experience interconnectedness through the listening ear. All the while, you know you have someone who can hold the container and give you a damn good hug at the end of the journey if you need it. 

- Nikki-Rae Bose

  founder of reUnify Yoga

I consider sound journeys with Sögu an essential part of my spiritual growth, healing, and self-care. Sögu is such a pure vessel, using their divine connection to remind me of my own. Words cannot do justice to the overall magic that happens once I arrive for the sound journey, but I strongly urge anyone who feels called to book a session to follow their gut and make it happen! I am so grateful to have found Sögu! 

- Christina Chase

Buddy has a deep reverence, knowledge, and honor of the ancient lineages. Ze is dialed into the highest Cosmic frequencies, offering profoundly transformational transmissions for embodied Truth. To enjoy and receive the gifts of such a journey from Buddy feels inspiring and the presence and space that ze holds is deeply beautifully safe and loving.

- Anne-Tyler Harshburger

  BlossOM Body Awareness

Sögu is out of this world! Amazing Ethereal Grounding and an all out BEAUTIFUL experience! This is an ultimate authentic sound experience. From the music to the atmosphere to the comfort and the talent, Sögu is the best sound immersion I have ever experienced. 

The mind, body and soul become immersed in sound waves, from monochords to drums to chimes to bowls and didgeridoo. An enmeshment a meditation a healing always coming back refreshed and lighter. 

I have experienced Sögu in a group experience and in private sessions at their studio along with friends and my daughter. I highly recommend this sound immersion to all curious or to those wanting to go deeper into sound therapy. 

Sögu is a conduit and quite humble about his talents, truly a being who serves the greater good. Not only will you enjoy and feel amazing but your expectations will be exceeded. When you walk into a session with Sögu, you are welcomed with such authentic hospitality it feels like being welcomed into a sacred space and an honor to be a guest

I encourage you to experience the magic of Sögu.

- Margo James

  Yoga Teacher, Holsitic Nurse,           Meditation Teacher


619-837-5517    |

Alpine, California 91901

So much gratitude for your presence and your message!

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